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TX output

You have probably heard of the phrase “less is more”? Well it applies here.

Always try and avoid increasing your transmitter output power (some go to 50mW and some to as much as 100mW). It might sound like a great idea when you come across the option to do it, but it does not make that much of a difference in terms of distance from your antenna system. The difference that may occur from this is clutter in your spectrum due to IMD (Intermodulation products).

It does not seem like much of an issue when working with 5 UHF-R microphones, but the more wireless microphones/devices you add you will see space in the spectrum becoming an issue, the gaps between frequencies become smaller especially when your equipment frequency bands overlap. Remember that the stronger an analogue signal is, the wider the bandwidth.
Also with your microphones on high power you risk desensitising your RX antennas.

If you get the basic principles of setting up a wireless system you are on the right track. Saving space in the frequency spectrum is a wise thing to do considering how busy it is getting daily.

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