About Us

RF Junky was started by Mojalefa Mashokwe (also known as MJ), a qualified sound engineer. During his journey in the fun sound engineering field, MJ developed a big interest in wireless audio and started pursuing the world of wireless audio. Having worked in the field with this gear, other people’s dislikes about the gear got him more interested.

RF Junky is a RF Coordination and Wireless Audio System Design company specializing in the use of wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems. In our shrinking frequency spectrum, there is a growing demand in the use of wireless audio systems in the entertainment, with proper frequency coordination we can optimize spectrum use to your advantage. With our knowledge and industry experience, we put a system together for your event or installation that will work well for you.

Let wireless audio dropouts be a thing of the past, let us help you get the full experience of your wireless gear.

We get rid of the ‘every man for himself ‘ mentality at events. A lot of us switch on our wireless gear and if it works it works, we don’t think about how it may be affecting someone else.