The Team

Mojalefa Mashokwe
Founder & RF Coordinator
RF Junky was started by Mojalefa Mashokwe (also known as MJ), a qualified sound engineer. During his journey in the fun sound engineering field, MJ developed a big interest in wireless audio and started pursuing the world of RF. Having worked in the field with this gear, other people’s dislikes about the gear got him more interested. It has been all fun and robust systems since then.
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Adriaan Van Der Walt
Adriaan has had some terrible experiences with RF in his career. The initial fear and loathing of RF eventually led to a curiosity driven by the need to understand and learn this "dark art". What became clear was that reliable wireless mics did not just happen by chance; a lot of thought and planning goes into a robust system. He witnessed RF-Junky's birth and it is with great pride that he had joined the team.
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